How it all started

Welcome to the Shaman Wiki! Here you can find all sorts of information regarding the Shaman class in World of Warcraft. The reason why I started this Wiki is this:

"Surely some of the stickies could be cleaned up as well, the vast majority contain a lot of good info and tips but some of them could be merged or even a ShammyWiki (like some of the other class forums have) be created for best gear / talents / calculations etc (obviously a lot of work for someone to make, but i'm sure they'd have the thanks of all of the shammy community if they did)." [Posted by Leadbelly from Emeriss in this topic]

This inspired me to start this up, so new (and old) Shamans can gain and/or share new knowledge with their fellow class members.


The editor of this WiKi

That would be me; Theondrius from Kor'Gall. I'm an Orc Hunter, and before you ask, no, I haven't got a Shaman - I merely did this for the community, as the Shaman community is in dire need of something like this.